Who are we: We are frequent users of the swimming pool and fitness facilities at Glenogle Swim Centre

Our concerns: A refurbishment of the pool was long promised by the Council and was originally scheduled to start in January 2006. Instead this was postponed several times allowing the building to deteriorate further. It then came to light that the Council was considering a plan to ‘redevelop’ Glenogle Swim Centre in partnership with a developer. Our campaign and the outcry from the public has meant that the threat of redevelopment has now faded. However, we remain committed to the preservation of this B-listed building and successfully campaigned for funds to be made available for a full refurbishment of the Baths.

Our aims: To ensure that Glenogle Baths are conserved and maintained in their present form as a public swim and sports centre and the area of open space next to the pool known as the Snakey is kept as public open space and a pedestrian thoroughfare.

What have we done: We have set up a website, started a petition, made local people aware of the possible plans to redevelop the pool, requested Council reports under the Freedom of Information Act , contacted local politicians, residents' associations, schools, heritage organisations and any other bodies we feel should be made aware of this situation. We have protested outside the City Chambers and made a deputation to the Council.

What have you done: Over 8,500 of you have signed our petition. You have written to local politicians and council officials. You made the refurbishment of the Baths an important issue in the local elections by repeatedly raising the issue with the the candidates. You have donated your time and energy by helping us collect signatures. You have donated money, goods and services to help us out. Thank you all for your support.


Save Glenogle Baths Campaign - last updated 4 August 2010